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Medication RX Website *Our Prices Savings
Sofosbuvir 400mg $28,568 $5,000 83%
Celebrex 100mg $237 $107 55%
Neurontin  $160 $95 41%
Nexium 20mg $476 $164 66%
Prevacid 30mg $555 $166 70%
Viagra 100mg $878 $126 86%
Zocor 20mg $512 $89 83%
Zoloft 50mg $322 $129 60%
Zyprexa 10mg $807 $359 56%
Prescription Drug Survey Results (90 Tablets) Last Updated June 2011

A recent survey of a retail pharmacy provided the prices above compared to Canada Prescription Service (CPS). CPS can save you up to 85% on prescription drugs!

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